Monday, October 11, 2010

what's between you and God?

You must not have any other god but me.

What is in the way of you serving and seeing God?  It could be many different things from material possessions to relationships or even pride or anger.  But those things that keep us from God is just what that verse said.  

One thing that is difficult is the fast that even good things can become bad things when they get in the way of your relationship with God.  In our culture we get so busy and put ourselves in so many situations that we can't even see what God is doing or spend time with God.  There is no time, no energy and maybe even no desire because you have nothing else to give.

God has given us great opportunity.  Yet God has been edged out of our lives.  He is still on the back burner, but we miss the great things that God wants to bless us with.

Philippians 2:5 NLT
You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

Jesus was God.  Plain and simple.  What are the things that we have made gods in our lives?  Those are the things that this first commandment in the Ten Commandments that God gave us.  It is not always something that is evil or wrong.

When we have the same mind or attitude Jesus does, we will end up loving God and sharing with others.  When we empty ourselves of wrong priorities or simplify our lives, we will be removing things that get in the way.  God is inviting us to spend time with Him and to receive from God.  When God has invited us, He has already provided for us.  And when we make excuses and miss God, we cut ourselves out of the blessings that God wants to put in our lives.

What's between you and God?  What do we need to remove so we can move closer to God?


steve said...

Proud of Ryan!! Proud to of the Godly children you & Julie are all of you...

iShadowROCKS21 said...

WOw! Amen God is really speaking! You have very beautiful messages! God has blessed u tremendously. Thanks for posting & God bless!

happy birthday, Julie

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