Sunday, December 26, 2010

Letter to The Community church family

Dear Community Family -
Let me first say MERRY CHRISTMAS to each of you as we are away this holiday weekend.  Our family has really enjoyed time in Oklahoma with lots of our family.  Christmas has been incredible to say the least.  Thank you for allowing us to be away.
Julie has been asking for a white Christmas for 4 decades.  We leave town, and BOOM there is the snow.  Lots of it as well.  I have been praying for safety even as we miss the beauty of the winter scene.  Please be extra safe AND serve other people around you today and this week.
2011 is set to be a great year for our church family as we press forward.  Next Sundaywe will begin a new sermon series titled "reBuilding Broken Lives" as we go through the book of Nehemiah.  Please pray for this series and this time for our church.  We are headed up hill as God has set us up to serve more people than ever before through the life of our church and the beginning of the Dream Center.
We will travel back to Virginia late this week, and we are excited about the days to come here at church and at home.  Again, thanks for allowing us to be away.  We love each of you, miss you and look forward to seeing you next Sunday.  God is good ... all the time!
With GOD as my guide,
Pastor Michael
--- James 1:5

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