Thursday, February 3, 2011

lead with confidence

There is a big difference in being confident and being arrogant.  Yet some people can't tell the difference.  They might meet someone who is confident simply because they are good at what they do or passionate, and some people think that person is pushy and arrogant.  But if you will watch that person, listen to them real close, after time you will find the difference.

Moses was one such leader.  His life was a series of wow moments, in my opinion.  He should have been killed as a baby, but his mom saw a way for his life to be saved and for him to be adopted by the most influential people in the area.  Moses got in some trouble and was almost killed at another point.  This is the same guy who came face to face with God over a burning bush, but that bush never burned up.  God used Moses to preform many miracles.

Then this dude led God's people out of Egypt.  This is where the story hit me today.  Lets just talk about one piece of it.  It is the time where God parted the Red Sea.  All of God's people, the Bible says, walked through on dry land, right through the place where the water was.  Then the Egyptians who were following the people of God where drowned in the same sea.  Awesome story.  Here is what the Bible said after that point:

When the people of Israel saw the mighty power that the Lord had unleashed against the Egyptians, they were filled with awe before him. They put their faith in the Lord and in his servant Moses.

These people knew that their leader had spent time with God.  Plus they saw God work among them and through Moses, their leader.  That must have been awesome, to say the least.  I'd like to have been there to see it (as long I was part of God's people being led).

The incredible piece of this for me is learning that when people understand we have been with God and they see God working through us, they will follow.  The more confident we are in God's call on our lives, the more apt people are follow.  The more that people see and experience God, the more likely they are to come with us where we are leading.

I want to lead people to experience God.  I want people to hear God and to see Him work in big ways.  It is only at those moments that my leadership is stamped by God and others will begin to follow almost anywhere we lead them.

Are you a leader?  Then lead with confidence and watch what God does next.

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