Saturday, August 13, 2011

birthday trip to New York

As our family was on vacation last month, my wife and I tried to nail down what our youngest wanted for his birthday.  Out of no where came a request we where not ready for.  "I want to go to the race at Watkins Glen?"  Our boy Ryan went in a direction we didn't expect.  Nor did we think was possible.

The week we returned home I was talking with one of our Raceway Ministries friends who reminded me of the work that was to go on several weeks away.  Which is now this weekend.  It is the beginning of a Raceway Ministry work at Watkins Glen.

Off went an e-mail to Roger Marsh and a conversation with David Martin.  It all came together.

Ryan turned 8 years old on Friday which is also the day he and I traveled the 9 hours to the south west part of New York state where Watkins Glen is located.  Today we began working with the ministry, and we were able to watch the NASCAR Nationwide race as well as Sprint Cup qualifying.  Tomorrow we will share in two worship services (6:15 am with people who work as vendors at the speedway and at 8 and with race fans) as well as work in other ways.  We will get to see the NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

What a birthday.  What a proud dad I am.  My boy has been part of ministry with me several times in the couple weeks.  Now we get to do something together that is off the wall because we didn't see if coming or think it was possible.  God is good, and I love my boy.  Happy birthday RYAN!!!!

Here is a video too.... 

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