Wednesday, August 3, 2011

it's back2school time

We are only 3 days away from back2school 2011, and this is going to be our best year ever.  1,078 students have signed up to be part of this event and will be served by our awesome people.  Exciting times for sure.

Don't forget that this Sunday's 
worship at 10:10am is gonna be awesome.  We will have special guests and lots and LOTS of celebration.  Pastor Michael will finish our FEARLESS series talking about as fear leaves hope and courage fill that space.  Pray that God would use this time.

Here are the happenings and notes for the rest of this week:

  • Thursday, 7pm --- volunteer training, and this is an important time for all our team of back2school volunteers.  if you can be here, please do.  Shirts, jobs and more will be given out.
  • Saturday, 6:30am --- the BIG day for back2school 2011.  Yes.  It is 6:30am that our team members need to arrive.  But if you need to help later in the day, that is OK.

If you have questions, need info or want to sign up to help, please call the church Thursday or Friday at 
276-647-8231 or email

Here are some of the last minute items that we need (there are others but here are the ones we know about):

  • box fans.  If you have a box fan or a fan on a stand, please bring it with you Thursday or bring it by the church before Saturday.
  • stools with arm rests.  These will be for the people getting haircuts, and we could use several more.
  • volunteers.  It will take 225 or more volunteers to make Saturday a success.  Let us know you are coming.
  • PRAY.  This is the most important and is why it is last.  Don't forget to PRAY.  Pray for those we will serve and their families.  PRAY for our workers.  PRAISE God for all He is going to do.

Our future is bright.  It is brighter as we chose to serve others.  Keep on, and thank you for being part of The Community family!!!

for more information about The Community Fellowship or The Community Dream Center call 276-647-8231 or email

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