Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday to our Baby Ruth

It was 13 years ago this morning that Julie and I made our way to the old hospital in Vidalia, Georgia for our scheduled cesarean section birth of our 2nd child.  Only a couple hours after arriving at the hospital Ruth Megan Harrison came into our world, and she was beautiful.  Yet she was a little different from her sister.  Ruth had lungs.  She could cry loud where her sister had a timid and quiet cry.  Julie's sister Mona said that Ruth's cry was the kind that could stick it's hand up your back and rip out your spine. Ruth was and is beautiful.  She has grown into a beautiful young lady with great character, so kind and talented.  This dad has enjoyed and been blessed by watching her and being part of her growing up.

At our house a child's 13th birthday and 13th year are very important.  We as parents are making a large commitment to help her grow and get stronger as a Christian and a woman.  That will including reading some books and studying together.  It will also include a special trip that Ruth and one of us will go on with her.  She will choose and plan the trip herself.  It is a big deal. (Thanks to Pastor Mark Batterson for the idea and example of making his children's 13th year special.)

Ruth Megan Harrison is our middle child.  She is so special to her parents, and we know that she is extra special to her God.  We are proud of her and can't wait to see what God has in store for her this year and in the years to come.

Happy Birthday, Ruth.  We love you!

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