Friday, October 14, 2011

those are incredible hands

Hebrews 12:12

So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees.


You may have seen the email circulating around the Internet about the worth of people's hands.  It mentioned several celebrities and sports stars. 


That email ended up talking about the hands of Jesus.  His hands are priceless because of the scares in them from being nailed to the cross.  His hands are priceless because of the lepers that he touched and healed.  His hands are priceless for lifting up the lady thrown in front of him who was caught in adultery.  The hands of Jesus, our Savior, mean much to those of us who follow Jesus.


As I sat in the barber's chair this morning I was reminded of the incredible hands that were about to cut my hair.  These hands are steady and strong.  These hands are skilled and caring.


Let me introduce you to Burnett.  He is 84 years old and been cutting hair for almost 70 years.  Each Sunday he comes into church a few minutes late but sits on the front row with me singing at the top of his lungs and taking in the message I am honored to share.


He's been cutting my hair for several years, and we've talked about so many things.  It is awesome when Burnett tells me about the person he talked to about Jesus.  "People won't just get up and walk away when you have scissors or a razor in your hand."


It was so good to be able to baptize Burnett in May of 2010.  You need to hear his testimony.  He was in the military and ran from God for a long time.  He went after fun and women and things that brought temporary satisfaction, but God gave him a 2nd chance.  That is why Burnett loves to talk to people about Jesus.


Not only are his hands skilled at making my hair look good, but this man's heart has been shaped by God.  His words have been anointed by God to share truth.  I am so honored to be his pastor.


I pray for Burnett and his family each week.  I pray that the people he speaks to will respond to the Gospel.


It is amazing that 84 year old hands are that steady.  He is dealing with some health issues, but Burnett wants to keep on and wants to share with more people.  What an incredible man with an incredible testimony about his incredible Savior.  Those are incredible hands.

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