Friday, November 4, 2011

BIG Sunday @ The Community

We have moved into a new season at church.  Thanks go to everyone who helped with Raceway Ministries last weekend as well as with the family night on Halloween.  Lots of people were served.

This Sunday we complete our CHASE THE LION series, and we will be challenged to take the next step in chasing our personal lion and even our lion as a church.  We've never been in a better position to meet needs in our community.

A couple weeks ago over 50 people from The Community made personal commitments to support The Community Dream Center each month.  Those commitments totaled more than $1,400 per month.  For our key leaders, that was a HUGE statement that demonstrates how blessed we are.  It also spoke volumes about the fact that we are "in this together".  We are excited about the future, and we pray that God is helping you see where you fit in to serve and make a difference.

Also we want to remind you to CHANGE YOUR CLOCK this Saturday night before you go to bed.  It is already that time of the year, but we will get 1 more hour to sleep.

A team of 5 people are leaving next week for the Los Angeles Dream Center, and we ask that you pray for Donna, Milette, Brett, Andy Hall and Pastor Michael to serve, learn and bring back more insight to help our Dream Center get off the ground.  Here this well: we've never been so close to securing a building for the Dream Center.  Keep on praying for this to be a reality.

We appreciate you and your commitment to follow Jesus.  Let's continue making a difference in our community and beyond.  We have great days ahead of us!

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