Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter to our church

When I'm away from our church, I send them a video or a letter. Thought I'd share it here. 

My COMMUNITY Church family -

I am not away from you very often, but today is one of the times I am.  This week has been so awesome, and I will be sharing about it through my blog, through testimonies next Sunday and more.  It has been so good to be part of a team serving at the LA Dream Center.  We've been part of 7 different outreach projects in the last four days.  Some of those were helping families, some were sharing with homeless people and more.  

Thank you to Scott Philbrook who will be preaching and sharing God's word with you this morning.  Scott and Cathy have been a great addition to our church.  He leads Bible schools around the globe for Teamwork Ministries.  They have been involved in several churches, and God has used them in mighty ways.  You will be blessed today as you listen to what God has to say through Scott.

Our time in LA has allowed us to learn more about our Dream Center and how we can impact lives right here in Henry County.  Continue to pray for, support and give to The Community Dream Center.  We are considering a building and asking God for wisdom as we step forward.  

Julie and our kids are with the Bassett High School marching band in Baltimore, Maryland today.  Last night the band received accolades of being 2nd in the nation in a competition that took place at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  Rebecca is part of the color guard as are several girls in our church.  Several other of our students play an instrument and march in the band.  Ruth is a manager for the band.  Ruth also auditioned for all district band and received 2nd chair in the symphonic band.  I am proud of my girls AND proud of the band.

When I am away, I try to send you a letter to share my heart with you.  There is no church like The Community Fellowship, and our future is bright.  It is my heart and my passion to see us make a huge impact for Jesus.  Within the last few weeks this has become even more of a reality as we are joining with more partners including churches and organizations.  You may have read the newspaper on Friday and an article about homelessness and housing.  It is my belief and conviction that we are to offer housing and basic needs to people in our community all so we can share the hope that only God can give.

I love each of you and I miss you today.  Next Sunday there will be some surprises for us all.  Be here and bring friends as you won't want to miss it.  Have a great Sunday.  See you soon.

Pastor Michael
James 1:5

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