Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wisdom … choices … and strength!

James 3:17 NLT

But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere.


Real wisdom comes from God.  Nowhere else can it be found.  I mean there are other places to obtain knowledge and to grow, yet all truth comes directly from God even if people don't acknowledge that fact. 


What God gives comes with some evidence that cannot be missed.  Wisdom from God will be noted by a person being pure, full of peace, gentle and even humble.  It is vital that we as Christians represent God.  His wisdom points to Him.  These characteristics point to the fact that we know God.


From time to time I have watched the show on MTV called "Yo Mamma".  Let's not share the jokes (at least at this point), but the people who show off their so-called talent are always said to "represent" their community.  They dress like, use the lingo of and sound off for their hood.  So my thought is this: who do we represent?  Do we look more like and act Jesus or someone else?  Do we look like a fool or like a selfish person, or like a humble servant of God or something else?


Hebrews 11:25 NLT

He chose to share the oppression of God's people instead of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin.


That verse is about a person, really many people, who made a choice to live by faith, and living by faith brings the favor of God.  Choosing to follow Jesus will take us to places that we cannot get to on our own. 


It is like Joshua living by faith and taking the people of God into the promised land.  It is like Noah building the very first cruise ship, meant for animals instead of people, and saving his family during the world's worst flood.  It is like Jesus going to the cross for your sins and mind.  We can choose what lasts for a short time or what lasts for a lifetime.


God's wisdom is what lasts for a lifetime and beyond.  Is that the wisdom you have?  God's wisdom makes us strong, and it is a choice.  It is about us following Jesus no matter what.


Psalm 111:10 NLT

Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom. Praise him forever!


It is up to you and it is up to me: wisdom … choices … and strength!

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