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day 3 --- opportunities for 2012

back2school 2011 volunteers & kids

Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.

Let’s continue our conversation about opportunities for the upcoming new year (only a few days away).  To this point we have talked about giving and mentoring.  Today we are picking up the subject of volunteering.

I love volunteers.  The church I serve as well as the organizations I am a part of would NOT function without great volunteers.  These people aren’t paid, but are worth lots of pay.  These people have variety of talents that make all of us stronger.  We need volunteers.

Life is busy, my life is busy every day.  Yet I chose to volunteer my time and energy with some great organizations like Raceway Ministries, our local homeless coalition and more.  Where are you volunteering your time?  There are so many opportunities where you live.  Go on a little search through the newspaper, the phonebook or even the internet.  There are churches, non-profits, hospitals, homeless shelters and women’s shelters, group homes, service organizations, soup kitchens, schools and lots more.  Find a place where you fit in.

For 2012 there are several things on my priority list as far as volunteers go…

Let me first say how important and vital and loved our church leaders are to me.  They volunteer thousands of hours annually to our church and to other organizations.  We have people who volunteer every day we are open.  Would you like to help us at The Community Fellowship?  Call us at 276-647-8231 and talk with Donna or email

You know, if you read what I write very often, that our Dream Center is very important and close to my heart.  In this next year we plan to open the housing part after the purchase of a building.  We currently have several volunteers and several hundreds of people each month, but we are about to need more volunteers.  These volunteers need to be health care or mental health professionals, counselors, carpenters, cooks, and too many things to list.  To volunteer call 276-647-8233 and talk with John or Steve.  You can also email

Raceway Ministry volunteers work only a few weekends a month in Martinsville, but at each of those weekends we need between 70 and 100 volunteers.  These folks serve through our ministry tents where refreshments are given out, worship services happen and lots of conversations happen.  It’s all about Jesus.  We also deal with guest services that include the ADA golf cart service.  Email Eldred at for more information.  You can call me as well.

Volunteering on mission trips is also a great opportunity.  Many churches offer several trip a year.  Our church goes on a couple trips a year (in 2011 that included working at a boys ranch in West Virginia, the LA Dream Center and a few day long opportunities in and around our community).  Keep your eyes open for these opportunities.  Ask questions.

back2school is a time when we need hundreds of volunteers who will serve more than 1,000 students in our community.  Volunteers will cut hair, work in the clothing area, wash feet and give new shoes, share with kids of all ages and more.  My hope is that we will go from one location to several and go from serving 1,000 kids to 3 or 4,000.  That means we are looking for churches, community leaders and organizations to partner with us.  It is an incredible time that many people have helped with the last 4 years.  2012 will be bigger and better than ever.  I ask for your help.  Let me know you want to help. Call 276-647-8231 and talk with me or Michelle. Send me an email to

When we serve, we honor God.  The Bible tells us that serving others demonstrates the fact that we love God and love people.  By following God and drawing closer to Him, the more we will want to serve and love others.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.

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