Friday, March 23, 2012

downloading some things from this week

Here are some of the things that this week has brought my way that are leading to a great weekend and greater future:

1.  Last Sunday hearing 2 men share how God is working in their lives.

2.  Listening to my son read and even enjoy reading for a few minutes.

3.  My wife is excited about the class she just started in her Master’s degree and excited about the future too.

4.  Sold my vehicle this week which was my favorite of all time, but selling it creates some much-needed margin in our family budget (now to find another vehicle we can pay cash for).

5.  Walking into a possible building for our Dream Center and spending some time dreaming about the possibilities and the people who may be changed there.

6.  Listening to my girls talk about the activities they are part of and succeeding at.

7.  Preaching at a local Presbyterian church with a really cool pastor and talking through issues of giving and receiving forgiveness.

Seven items.  Seven is a Biblical number that is often associated with good and God things.  Each of these has a place in my heart, and through this busy, full week has brought light, excitement and joy my direction.

So what are you excited about?  How has God worked in your life this week and given you passion to move on in life?  Our God is big and is at work all around us.  I can’t wait to see and learn what is next.

He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.

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