Wednesday, May 16, 2012

reason to serve

4.  72.  50.  239.  350.  55.  1.

These aren’t random numbers.  They aren’t the winning lottery numbers.  They aren’t a website or some kind of computer language.  These come from an event this past weekend.

Our church family has chosen for the last several years to have a Mother’s Day outreach to share with people in our community.  It is free, and it is an exciting time for us.  Let me explain the numbers.

this picture was in our local newspaper
4 years.  Saturday marked the 4th year that we have shared this outreach with our community, and it is something that many people as well as the church look forward to.

72 oil changes.  This is the largest number of cars we’ve ever worked on.  72 ladies were blessed, encouraged and served in a tangible way.

50 massages.  Last year we had one massage therapist that offered to help, but this year that went to 4 massage therapists and more massages.  This was an incredible place to hear the ladies served say ‘thank you’ and notice stress levels go away and peace to come in.

239 people received clothing.  This may very well be the largest number of people who have been helped by our clothes closet ministry.

350 people were fed.  What an awesome number that points to 350 people who got to eat a meal through our community meal ministry.

55 people were part of the volunteer team.  This number might be off or even be bigger, but many people said ‘I want to help with this project’.  Most were from our church, but there people from several others churches too.  We are stronger as we work together.  I loved seeing their faces and hearing their stories!

An audience of 1.  This is the most important number.  The reason to serve and the reason our church chooses to share with our community is this.  It is all about God.  It is all for Him.  Our prayer is that our serving will open doors for people to hear about and meet God.

I don’t share these numbers with you to say ‘our church is great’.  I share this with you to remind each of us that we have to be creative and win the right to share our faith with others.  One of the greatest ways to share is to give to someone else with no strings attached.

That is how God gave us salvation through His son.  We don’t deserve God’s love or His goodness.  But God chose to give.  He choses to love us and give us second chances.

May God use us to share his goodness with others as we find a reason to serve!

To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak; I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some.

We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.

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