Monday, October 1, 2012

grace and sin

So much of what we read in Scripture leads us to self examination.  It also will guide us as our teacher to see and understand what salvation is all about, how it impacts our lives, and what God has completely done for us.  Yet why is it that we often miss what God is doing?

Be careful how your interpret the Bible and what you read.  By cross referencing with other verses and seeing what the verses around what you read, it will be easier to understand what God means.

Through our study in Romans and in my reading through Proverbs I’ve noticed that often God gives us opposites to teach us what is greater and what to rely on.  We lean what last and what will fade away.  We learn who we can trust and who we can’t.  Here are some thoughts from Romans 5:15-21...

Through sin many died.  <<< God’s grace brought life, 15
Through one man judgment rose.  <<< Through the other, Jesus, the free gift of life rose, 16
One man’s sin brought death ro reign.  <<< Through the one Jesus the gift of grace reigns., 17
One man brought condemnation.  <<< One man brought life, 18
Disobedience made sinners.  <<< Obedience made rightoues, 19
Law increased sin.  <<< Grace increases forgiveness of sin., 20
Sin reigns in death.  <<< Grace/Righteousness reigns in life, 21

Those verses teach us that sin and judgment reign and rule this world, and far too often they also rule our lives.  That doesn’t have to be.  By God’s grace through the free gift of Jesus’ death for us and His love our lives can be ruled by something new.  Forgiveness frees our lives and gives us peace, hope and faith.

I love the way that Proverbs compares wisdom and foolishness.  God in many places compares righteousness and sin.  Here is the comparison of life and death, of sin and grace. Believing this, learning this and repeating this will change, radically change our lives.

God’s desire is to give us great life.  That is not easy lives.  Let God fill your life with what gives you strength and peace.  Peace is only a reality when we believe what God has already done for us.  He has filled us with faith.  Thank God for completely filling our lives in generous ways with His grace.

Oh, how generous and gracious our Lord was! He filled me with the faith and love that come from Christ Jesus.

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