Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

This is a day set aside to remember the men and women who have fought for the freedom of our country.  I am grateful for those who began our county and for those who have served our country.  Many friends have through the years given their time and their hearts to fight for our nation.  I am grateful for them.  Some of my relatives including my grandfathers and an uncle served.  Some of those were serving during time of war.  Some of those served during times of peace.  But each of them have taken part in what is a huge blessing to each of us who are citizens of the United States.  

If you served, I say THANK YOU and may God bless you.  If you know someone who has served, tell them that you appreciate them and their service to our nation.

Few people who live on this planet realize the freedom that we have.  Few of us realize that we have to fight to maintain our freedom through standing up for what is right inside of our nation through exercising our rights as citizens as well as defending our nation and it's people when freedom is attacked here or any where around the world.

The United States was founded as a Christian nation.  Believe that and like it out.  May God help us to see and seize opportunities to share and to serve.  As a church family may we take every opportunity to share God's love which brings spiritual freedom to those who accept Him. We truly are blessed!

Psalm 33:12 NASB
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD...

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