Monday, December 31, 2012

DANIEL FAST (getting ready to start)

You are invited to join our church family on the DANIEL FAST beginning the first of 2013. This is an incredible way to focus on God and to seek Him personally and as a church. Watch the church blog Daniel Fast page for more information at

 Check back frequently as the page will be updated throughout the Daniel Fast.

This will be a 3 day or 21 day fast, your choice. If you need more information, let us know by email at or call us at 276-647-8231.

There is lots of great information at the Daniel Fast website:  Check it out for recipes, FAQs and forums.

On Wednesday, January 2, Cindy DeOms will be at church from 5:30 to 7pm and will share more about what she eats and recipes that work with the fast. 

Here are some tips from Cindy to get help you get started.

The primary thing is to not let yourself get too hungry and the best way for that is to plan your meals. Protein is important and it is critical to find ways to incorporate it in every meal.  In a typical American diet, protein is ingested through animal sources such as meat and dairy.  In the Daniel Fast, you will only have vegetable sources of protein.  Here’s a link about protein in a vegan diet. ( The Daniel’s fast is pretty much vegan, with a few extra restrictions, such as sugar and refined flours.

Exceptions to a fast are fine but it's best to try and figure that out beforehand. Otherwise, it is too easy to talk yourself into all kinds of things in the middle of the fast. I usually allow myself honey and sometimes yeast during a Daniel Fast.  Others may allow themselves a caffeinated beverage per day or a “free” meal or day.  I believe that fasting is a covenant between you and God.  You are making sacrifices to honor God and He doesn't want you to commit to something where you are going to be grumpy and miserable. A fast, like a tithe, must come from the heart.  That said, God can get you through anything so whatever you decide, I believe you can do it with God's help!

The only beverage allowed on the Daniel fast is water.  If you aren't already a water drinker, this will be a challenge!  You may add a squeeze of lemon, if you like.  If you choose to allow yourself honey or herbal tea, that is fine.  Many enjoy hot water with lemon and honey in the morning in place of their usual coffee.

Peanut butter is a great way to get protein and makes an excellent breakfast with fruit like bananas or apples.  Salad can be dressed up with fruit, nuts and homemade dressing.  I will be adding to the church blog over the whole 21 days as well as talking more about this on Wednesday.   

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