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DANIEL FAST January 2013

It is almost 2013.  Please note on our church blog (  and the tab marked DANIEL FAST 2013.  There will be more info posted here and to the church blog page to help with being part of our Daniel Fast.

You are invited to join our church family on the DANIEL FAST beginning the first of 2013.  This is an incredible way to focus on God and to seek Him personally and as a church.  Return to this page often for information about the Daniel Fast.  You are asked to do a 3 day or 21 day fast.  If you need more information, let us know by email at or call us at 276-647-8231.  Join in...

Here are some notes from Cindy DeOms who is one of our key leaders and who is helping with the Daniel Fast....

Here's the link to the Daniel Fast website:

There is lots of great information and forums to answer questions.

The primary thing is to not let yourself get too hungry and the best way for that is to plan your meals.  Protien is important and I suggest you find ways to incorportate it in every meal.  In a typical American diet, protein is ingested through animal sources such as meat and dairy.  In the Daniel Fast, you will only have vegetable sources of protein.  Here's a link about protein in a vegan diet.  The Daniel's fast is pretty much vegan, with a few extra restrictions, such as sugar and refined flours.

I have a few things that I depend on to get me through.  Peanut butter is one of them and it is good for breakfast on a piece of fruit, such as bananas and apples.  Nuts and beans are other staples and can be added to salads to add protein and shake up the taste.  Brown rice is a good source of protein and can be added to soup or chili and can stand with other "side" dishes to provide a complete meal.

On Wednesday, January 2, I will be at church from 5:30 to 7pm and will share more about what I eat and recipes I use personally.  Lots of them are based on recipes from the Daniel fast website and I just tinker with it to suit myself.  Please join me!

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