Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DANIEL FAST (day two)

DAY 2 

notes from Cindy
leader at The Community Fellowship

NOTES: Over the days of this fast we are going to share with you notes from Cindy DeOms.  May each of us see God do amazing things as we seek Him each day.

Happy New Year!  Congratulations to all of you who are participating in the Daniel fast.  My prayer for all of us is that we allow God to work in our hearts and that our sacrifices will be pleasing to Him.  Have you made a list of things to pray about?  If not, please consider it.  I promise you that you will pray more during a fast.

So what do I eat during a fast?  Here's a quick (incomplete) list.


I eat a lot of peanut butter with fruit (bananas, apples) for breakfast.  (Natural peanut butter with no sugar!)  I also like plain shredded wheat with soy or almond milk and a little bit of honey and/or fruit. I don't drink the milk but just use it to wet the cereal.  Oatmeal is also good and I generally add fruits and nuts to it.  I use UNSWEET soy or almond milk for both oatmeal and cereal.


Leftovers rule for lunch, for me always, but particularly during the Daniel fast.  I tend to make larger meals than my family will eat and use what is left for lunch.  Salads are great for this and there are many types of containers that help keep salads fresh.  In a pinch, put the salad in an open bowl and cover with a damp paper towel.  You may have to re-wet the paper towel after 12 hours but it really keeps the salad crisp.  I usually make my own salad dressing as it is quick, easy and better tasting than store bought.  I love to experiment with salad dressings as they can be tailored to the salad ingredients.  Later in the fast, I will have a post dedicated to salad and the dressings I use.


I have a variety of Daniel fast friendly recipes and I will be sharing them through the full 21 days.  Tomorrow, January 2, I will be at church and will do a show and tell that includes supper.  Please join me!


Raw almonds are a favorite and I keep a bag both at home and at work.  When I want to shake it up, I will coat the almonds with some honey and salt then roast in the oven for about an hour at 250 degrees.  Or chili powder, lime juice, salt and honey and roast the same.  It's different but good.

Cut up raw veggies and fruit are great snacks.  With the veggies, I use hummus as a dip.  Hummus is mashed up chick peas mixed with tahini (ground sesame seeds) and garlic or other flavorings.  Sounds kind of weird if you haven't tried it but SO GOOD.  Aldi has a great hummus with a reasonable price.  My favorite is the jalapeno/cilantro.  You can also make hummus at home and use other legumes, such as white beans.  White bean hummus with basil is amazing.

I also keep Lara bars around.  They are fruit and nut snack bars (available at Kroger, the health food store, maybe Walmart) with no extra ingredients.  One of the few store bought snacks that are Daniel fast friendly but I'm sure there are others if you look.  Read the ingredients and watch for sugar.  Here's a link with a list of other names for sugar in food.

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