Monday, January 7, 2013

DANIEL FAST week two

notes from Cindy DeOms

NOTES: Over the days of this fast we will share with you notes and insight from Cindy who has been a leader at our church.  Her insight will help us to stick to the fast and make it successful. 

As we go into the second week of the Daniel fast this week, I'd like to go over some foods and recipes that may not be in your normal rotation.  But they should be because they are good for you, delicious and are Daniel fast appropriate. Nutrient dense is the term used when a food has more good-for-you stuff than whatever calories it contains.  The term "super food" is being used a lot lately with stars such as yogurt, berries, eggs and nuts.  But there are a lot of foods that can be considered a super power but aren't talked about as much and can be part of this fast.  So every day this week, I'm going to cover something different.
Avocado is a fruit native to Mexico but also grown in California today.  It is a small oval shaped fruit that is either green (unripe) or black (very ripe) and assorted shades in between.  The nutrition information can be found here:
Many people have only had avocado in guacamole, the thick green stuff in Mexican restaurants.  Oh but there is so much more!  I use avocado not only in guacamole but in all kinds of salads and not just IN the salad but ON it as part of the dressing.  It's a green goddess type dressing and it's great as a dip too.  I like it with oven fries and raw carrots especially.
Store away from apples or bananas unless you want to ripen the fruit quickly.  Storing in the refrigerator will keep ripe avocados longer. 
Squeeze lemon or lime juice when cut to preserve the color. Lime is crucial to keeping guacamole a fresh green color instead of a yucky brown. 

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