Tuesday, January 8, 2013

more FOODS for the DANIEL FAST

notes from Cindy DeOms

NOTES: Over the days of this fast we will share with you notes and insight from Cindy who has been a leader at our church.  Her insight will help us to stick to the fast and make it successful. 



OK, who hasn't seen a chia pet?  Not too many, I'd say.  This may sound funny but it's true, the same stuff that made "hair" in a little ceramic novelty is an ancient good-for-you food. Check it out:






Chia seeds are an unprocessed whole food that can be absorbed by your body (unlike flax seed).  They are naturally high in fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.  Fiber is good because it helps slow down the way your body processes sugar, which makes the digestion process more Sunday drivin', less roller coaster ride. Plus, it helps you feel full!  Antioxidants help protect your body on a cell level.  Omega-3 is proven to be good for the heart and is being studied for potential benefits to disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.


Chia seeds are teeny tiny little black and white seeds.  They don't have much of a taste but when wet, they develop a gel around the seed itself.  That gel makes them very useful for vegan baking as they help bind food together.  Ground up, they can be used in place of eggs in all kinds of things, cornbread for instance. 


You can add chia seeds to salads (as is or sprouted) or add a tablespoon or two when making crackers or bread.  Whole wheat bread can be a challenge to make because it tends to be crumbly but chia seeds can help the texture.  I've heard (but never tried) that they are a great energy booster gel when eaten after being soaked in coconut milk for ten minutes or so.  I'm a texture kind of person and don't like to eat "gel" things in general.  However, adding a tablespoon to oatmeal works great and not noticeable at all, even for me.


You can purchase Chia seeds in health food stores or online. 

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