Friday, March 15, 2013

never give up

This weekend concludes our five week journey to fail proof our marriages.  Some of the people who have taken part in this series are married.  Some are not.  It is evident through the comments and conversations that many lives and many relationships have been strengthened or even saved.  Our prayer is that God would give us the ability to make great choices so we will see success in all our relationships.

Seek God.  Fight Fair.  Have Fun.  Stay Pure.  Never Give Up.  Each part is crucial to the success we want.  But above all we must seek God.  Seek God beginning by yourself.  Then we are to seek God with our spouse.  Make God your number one and above everything else.  That is no easy task.

God wants our marriages and our relationships to flourish.  The last piece of this says to NEVER GIVE UP.  Our culture says when it is too hard give up.  We learn that when you can't get your needs met give up.  But God says something very different.  God says never give up.  We make that vow the day we get married ... from this day forward ... till death do us part ... not easy, but it is right.  I pray that this weekend God will bring people our way who will see God in fresh ways.  I pray that God will heal our lives and heal our relationships.

Next week we begin our EASTER series which is in partnership with the new series running Sunday evenings on the History Channel.  It is called THE BIBLE, and in the following three weeks we will take a journey through the Bible to hear stories, to learn of courage and to lean on God with great faith.

Invite people to join us for worship on EASTER SUNDAY, March 31st at 10:10am.  People are more apt to say YES to our invitation than ever.  Who are you going to invite to church?  Have a great end of the week, and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we worship Jesus and learn to never give up!

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