Sunday, April 21, 2013

Announcement at church today

Dear Community Family and Friends -

In this morning's worship experience we announced that we have a building under contract for our church.  It is the former American Standard Building Systems on Commerce Drive in the city of Martinsville.  That is just off of VC Drive and Stultz Road.  It is approximately 22 acres and 140,000 square feet of buildings.  We hope to move through the process and close on the property around May 1st.

There is much to be done to prepare this building and property to become our church.  Please continue to pray that God would not only provide the money and resources needed but also the wisdom and passion to seek to touch more lives for him.

We are excited about all that God has ahead for us.  In the coming weeks we will keep you informed as to the progress and needs.  God really has blessed us, and the possibilities are wide open and huge.  This building and the vision we have will allow us to demonstrate the love of God to our community and to even more people than we have ever served before.

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
– James 1:5

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