Monday, May 27, 2013

continue to pray for Leon White

Monday, May 27, 2013, 6:30pm

Dear Community Family -

As I write you this email I am sitting next to Leon White at the Woltz Hospice Home in Dobson, NC.  Many of you know Leon and have known him for several years.  I ask that you continue to pray for him through his battle with cancer.  Pray for his family as well since they live so far away.  

Write Leon a card in the next few days, and one of the workers at the hospice home will read it to him and place it in his room.  The address is Leon White, Woltz Hospice Home, 945 Zephyr Rd., Room 109, Dobson, NC 27017.  His room is large, and the home is very nice.  The staff here has been very good to Leon as they care for him.

Sunday mornings are a special place and a special time for The Community Fellowship family, and they have been very special for Leon as well.  Leon would always be dressed in a Christian t-shirt and wearing one of his favorite hats.  Around his neck is his rope cross necklace, and in his mouth would be a toothpick.  He would make his rounds throughout the building before worship began.  He would give hugs and hand shacks asking his friends how they are.  He would even hand a few pieces of his favorite butterscotch candy to a few kids.  Plastered across Leon's face as always was a huge smile and booming from his voice was "God is good".  When the band was playing, his arms would be raised in praise to God.  During the sermon he would should "amen" and clap several times.  Leon is a great man who loves his church and loves his savior, Jesus.

If you talked to Leon on the phone, he has always answered with "praise the Lord".  He would talk to you about God.  Through any interaction you would have with Leon his faith was strong.

Leon hasn't led a perfect life.  He would tell you his story of how drugs and bad choices led him to jail and even to some difficult health situations, but through it all God has been good to Leon.  That is what he would tell you if he could right now.

The pain continues to be difficult but is being controlled by very good medicine at this time.  We don't know how much longer our friend has here on earth, but what we do know is that Leon is ready to meet Jesus.  He has told me that several times.

I write this note to you today to simply ask you to pray for Leon, pray for his family and ask God to use this situation for God's glory especially for the people who don't know Jesus.  My life has been enriched through my friendship with Leon.  Many of you can say the same.  Thank you for praying for Leon!

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
James 1:5

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