Friday, May 24, 2013

more second chances

I look across the parking lot of the new property that our church has just purchased.  It will one day be the campus of The Community Fellowship and the outreach ministries we are part of.  I am touched by the slight changes made in the last week by the few people who have already volunteered their time to cut grass, clean up and more.  The sky is incredible.

There are glimpses of blue that have brilliant color.  Then I notice finger looking clouds that are rolling into the area very fast.  Inside the clouds to the farthest west there is a red haze.  It grabbed my attention and help it for what seemed like several minutes.  That is until the lightening began.  The rain began and covered the area faster than I could get in my vehicle. 

It had already been a very long day (this was Thursday or yesterday).  As I drove home there was a thought that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.  This new building of ours stands in difficult place.  A day about 7 years ago the business that thrived on these 22 acres experienced it’s greatest year of business.  Just 2 years after bankruptcy closed the doors, and the business was gone forever.  The building was vacant.  In the last 5 years decay, damage and vandalism have wrecked the building.

The thought that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go was about second chances.  I love to offer people second chances, but this building and campus is about to be given a second chance.  That is a second chance to thrive and to help others find success.  Our church has impacted thousands of lives over the last 6 plus years, and this new campus is opening doors to help us impact more people with the love of God in greater and farther reaching ways.

People need second chances.  People need the grace of God to become real in their lives.  That is the place that Jesus offered people and continues to offer people who follow Him.

Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.

By offering people second chances we offer them what God has offered us.  We have been given second chances, and we ought to offer them to others.  By the way, second chances are not offered based upon what someone deserves.  They are based on the unconditional love of God.  Don’t forget that God loves people.  Life is not about what we accumulate or what we own.  Life is about the relationships that grow in around our lives.  Our connection to God is the most important relationship.   Our connection to others allows us to go deeper with God and to others grow in God. 

Our lives are an aroma of God as we follow Jesus and allow Him to live through us.  I pray that you and I will do what this verse says.  Filled with love.  Following Jesus’ example.  Grateful for His sacrifice and a aroma pleasing to God and leading others to meet God.

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