Tuesday, May 21, 2013

see the new COMMUNITY campus

This is an exciting time.  We announced at Community Worship this past Sunday that our church has purchased a new campus and are beginning the process of restoring and renovating the old American Standard Building Systems property and buildings.

22 acres.  2 story office building.  Huge metal building.  More information will be shared as the planning pushes forward for this new home for our church and the outreach we are part of this community.  The new campus will allow us to grow as well to be able to minister to many more people throughout our community and beyond.  As you have heard before and we must remember... we are called to demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond.

Here is your chance to get a first look, in person, at the new property and buildings.  Here are three opportunities for your to visit the property:

Today (Tuesday, May 21st) at 1:30pm
Today at 6pm
Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22nd) at 6pm

There will be more opportunities in the coming days and weeks, but you will be blessed and encouraged by seeing the building and property for yourself.  It is located on Commerce Drive in city of Martinsville.  

DIRECTIONS: (1) turn on to V C Drive next to the Sirloin House on Commonwealth blvd and go to where it meets Stultz Rd and take your next right on Commerce Drive. OR (2) turn on to Stultz Road off of Virginia Ave and go to the end of the road.  Turn Left continuing on Stultz Road and take immediate right on on to Commerce Drive.  OR (3) from interception of where Stultz Road meets Liberty Street and Clearview Drive go west on Stultz Road and continue on till you go past an apartment complex on your right.  Take the next left on to Commerce Drive.

We look forward to sharing more information and working with you to get this campus ready for our church and outreach ministry to be located there.  For more information call the church at 276-647-8231 or email info@thecommunityfellowship.org.

Hope to see you soon visiting the new campus and this coming Sunday for community worship at 10:10am.  Have a great week!

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