Tuesday, June 4, 2013

preparing for what we have to trust God for

Psalm 78:4  NLT
We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.
Over the next several weeks I am going to share some things that are very personal and close to our family.  I don’t intend to do this to gain your sympathy, but what I do intend is to allow you to have a glimpse into some things we are going through.  I ask for your prayers.  Thank you for reading and sharing these times with me and my family.
Next Monday our oldest daughter Rebecca will be having major surgery to fix a problem she has with her jaws.  We have consulted several doctors, read much about the surgery, prayed a lot and prepared for what is going to be a long surgery and a long recovery.  Rebecca is at peace and set on the surgery (she is 16 years old).  Julie and I have a real sense of peace from God to go through this time, and we are grateful for the people and things God has brought us to help through it to this point.
I believe that God placed three precious children in our home.  We are stewards, and God expects us not to be experts but to do the best we can to give these kids Jesus.  That is no easy task.  We have learned that lots of families chose not to have a strategy for raising their kids.  They allow things to come into their lives that they are not prepared for and allow their homes to be void of faith and the presence of God.
Honestly, a home where God is not present scares me big time.  We need God’s protection and providing.  We long for God’s blessing and His guidance.  We continually ask God for help to live holy lives and to raise these kids to be great citizens and even greater followers of Jesus.
It has been hard preparing for what we have to trust God for.  When Rebecca was a toddler, she had three surgeries, and the first one we were so not prepared for.  Those were very difficult days.  I have vivid memories of how that went down, and I also have many memories of how God led us through and provided for us. 
Let me say with conviction that I believe God is going to do this again.  God is going to bring healing to our daughter.  God has prepared and is going to use the doctors and medical staff in precise ways.  God is going to hold all of us and help us through.  The outcome that I am praying for does include excellent results for our daughter, but I pray that God will use this for His glory all around.  His glory in places that are out of our control.  God’s glory in places we haven’t even thought of yet.  God’s glory over people we will meet through the process.
The surgery will take place at VCU’s hospital in Richmond (Virginia Commonwealth University).  Dr. Abubaker has become a trusted advisor to our family and will lead the surgery.  We have prepared all we can to this point.  We have prayed for Rebecca and are praying specifically over Rebecca every day as a family with Rebecca circled by me, Julie and our two other children.  We are preparing, yet we are really preparing for what we have to trust God for.
We have brought our daughter to Jesus asking for Him to bless her.  We will tell people how good God is and silence those who don’t have faith as they see a story lived out in front of them of how God worked in our family.  

I am still stressed.  I still have lots of butterflies and lots of tears, but God is control.  The best preparing we can do is to trust God.
Matthew 19:13  NLT
One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for them.  But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him.
Psalm 8:2  NLT
You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.

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Andie Steele-Smith said...

Greetings brother. A beautiful and intensely honest cry from the heart. Thanks for sharing it. It gives me cause to pause, consider, thanks, praise and recommit - everything to the Lord in prayer. Rach' and I are and will continue to pray from here 'across the pond'. Praying peace, blessings and great favor in Jesus name. Amen

happy birthday, Julie

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