Thursday, July 25, 2013

back2school is 8 days away

We are moving forward with gusto as back2school is 8 days away.  What does that mean?  I feel like I am in the middle of a huge wave that won't end.  It takes my energy and then recharges and excites me all at the same time.  We are now 8 days away from the best, biggest and sweetest back2school event that we have ever had.  Let me say THANK YOU now to all the people who are making this event so good.   So, let me give you a boat load of information:

Our total number os students we will serve is 2,060.  That is how many are registered at this point although we know that we will be helping as many students as possible.

VOLUNTEERS for special needs day (Friday, August 2nd)
More volunteers are needed for this day.  We will begin serving families at 9am and have the last appointments at 3:30.  Call 276-647-8231 to volunteer.  It would be great to have some volunteers who have experience as we serve these awesome kids and their brothers and sisters this day.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES we still need
Thank you to all who worked the PACK THE BUS event.  We have much of what we need at this point.  The things we are short on are loose leaf notebook paper (about 1,5000 more are needed) and folders (about 2,000 more are needed).  We could also use more spiral notebooks (about 200).

BACKPACK stuffing
Happens next Tuesday evening.  If you want to help, see a leader from your church to see if there is room for more volunteers.

I am sure that there are things that I have missed in this email, but my mind and this email are in overload. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do through our desire to serve students and their family.  I am praying for bigger and bigger and sweeter and sweeter days!

-- James 1:5

for more info about The Community Fellowship or The Community Dream Center send an email to or call 276-647-8231

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