Thursday, July 11, 2013

busy, blessed & BIG weekend @ The Community

Hey COMMUNITY family and friends -

This is a friendly reminder that LOTS, and we mean LOTS, is going on around the church, and your help is needed to volunteer and get the word out to those in need!  Pray that we will literally demonstrate the love of God to our community as we live life and as we serve the people who come our way.

Here is  what we know:

THURSDAY from 6 to 8pm is our back2school outreach REGISTRATION.  Parents or guardians need to bring their children and their basic information to The Community Fellowship or any of the six churches partnering for this year's event.  Volunteers are needed to help with this event.  Volunteers arrive at 5:45.  Those registering arrive at 6pm.  There will be one more day of registration which is Saturday, July 20th from 9am till noon.

SATURDAY from 9am until noon is our 2nd Saturday FREE community meal & clothes closet.  Volunteers need to arrive at 8:30am and be ready to serve in various areas.  Please pass word to those who have needs.

SATURDAY beginning at 9am some of our people will be working and cleaning at our new campus.  Bring gloves, brooms, and other tools to come and help with the clean up.  More news soon as to how we are preparing for the future.  Pray that God would provide all the resources needed.

SATURDAY at 5pm is the WE H.O.P.E. feeding outreach around our community.  All four team leaders are looking for volunteers to join in this effort to feed hungry people, but we all need to remember is that we are using food so that we can pray with and talk with people about Jesus.  We are also in needed of donations of food and money to assist with this ministry.

SUNDAY at 10:10am is our weekly Community Worship service, and we begin a new series called "give a little bit".  In the coming weeks we will talk about the truth of giving and being generous inside and outside of the church.

SUNDAY at 6pm is the evening Bible study at the new campus.  Everyone is invited to join in on the back porch of the new property as we study the book of John.  Bring a chair and your Bible.

back2school is just around the corner.  We still need KID'S SOCKS.  Buy a pack or two or ten and bring them to the church this week or on Sunday.  We are also in need of kid's clothes of all sized.  Be ready to sign up to volunteer in coming weeks as we prepare and for the day of the event, August 3rd.  Also coming up next week is the "pack the bus" event where we go to our local Wal-Mart on Friday and Saturday and ask people to give School supplies.

Have you ever been or want to be baptized?  We are preparing for a celebration of baptism in the next few weeks.  If you would like to be part of this or have questions, contact the church or sign up this coming Sunday at church.

We look forward to seeing you and serving with you this weekend.  May God use us to serve the people around us in the coming days.  For more information about The Community Fellowship or The Community Dream Center call 276-647-8231 or email

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison

James 1:5

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