Friday, August 2, 2013

back2school memories before the big day

Tomorrow is the big day.  It is back2school 2013 where we will impact the lives of students and their families of six different locations.  We will serve over 2,000 students.  This is done not to make a name for ourselves, but it is done to make Jesus famous.  As we serve people we win the right to share Jesus with them.

Let me take a little time to share some pictures with you from the past.  They inspire for a sweeter and greater future...

This picture is from one of the early years.  Now this area of our church is packed full of backpacks that have lots of school supplies in them.  It is incredible to share something so tangible year seemingly forgotten or insignificant to others.  This week we packed over 3,000 to share with students!

To hear these children laugh and share and even cry is such an honor.  To interact with students who would other wise not come to church is amazing.  Remember that whoever shows up most in someone's live will win the battle of influence.  Our desire is to influence people to see and meet Jesus!

It takes lots of volunteers to pull off an event of this size.  This year over 1,000 people have committed to serving as volunteer team members for back2school.  The first year was a handful of people serving.  Last year was almost 500.  This is flat out awesome, God is getting the glory as we work together for a corporate cause of impacting students in our community.

Washing children's feet is a great experience that helps others see the love of God in and through our lives.  Often kids don't want their feet washed, but by the time one of our volunteers are done, there is a smile on the students face and joy and hope in their hearts.  That's what this is all about.  back2school works!

Praying with students makes a difference.  Connecting with students is something the volunteer and the students won't soon forget.  It is a huge blessing to bless others because we have been blessed.

Pray for the impact of back2school 2013.  Pray for the students who will be served and their families.  Pray for those who are part of the volunteer team.  Pray that lives will be changed!

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