Monday, September 23, 2013

powerful, life-changing truth

The past few days I have been on the opposite side of the United States.  Been visiting California and the LA Dream Center as our friend Keith Fulcher graduated this weekend from their Discipleship program.  It has been incredible, and I am super proud of Keith.  He will be returning to Virginia and begin helping our church once again.  Pray for him and his family!

Along the way this trip has allowed me to spend some time with people who are pouring into my life.  My brother Steve is the greatest and a big encouragement to my life.  Also got to meet with some of the leaders at the Dream Center, specifically Danny Ovando and Michael Conner, who have given me insight and helped me think outside the box.  Even got to meet with some guys planting a church in Huntington Beach, California and with another friend, Dave Ingland, who has been a blessing to my life. 

I got a Facebook message from my friend Stan Lake who said I was on an “awesome church tour”, and what he meant was we have been able to visit some neat churches this weekend.  So, I’d like to share powerful, life-changing truth from the messages we heard:

Our first visit was to Saddleback church where Rick Warren is pastor.  He talked about building habits of happiness and great relationships.  Rick and his wife Kaye were interviewed on CNN last week concerned the suicide death of their son, and it was a powerful interview.  Here are a few points from his sermon:

·      Quickest way to change a bad relationship to a good one is to start praying for them.
·      Happiness based on happenings is temporary.
·      Our lives begin to crumble when we stop being grateful.
·      Believe in people and build them up.  Give people vision and share expectations as people will often rise to what we expect of them.  Be patient with the progress people are making.

Sunday morning was Keith’s graduation, and we attended the two morning worship services at the Dream Center, the church is called Angelus Temple, where Matthew Barnett preached a message about defeating worn out thinking.  Here are some quotes from his message:

·      To keep from being drained -- Run from any lure that baits you back into strife.
·      We are part of the body of Christ. Agree on what matters. Run from things that divide us.
·      When I say no to things on outside, I'm saying yes to spiritual things on inside. Don't be man pleaser. Please God.
·      Run from the things that drain you so you can run to the things that sustain you. Run to Jesus.
·      I wonder how many assignments we have missed by filling our life with clutter. Find solitude with God to fill your life.

The last church we got to visit was Mosaic where Hank Fortener shared a message about being a leader and serving.  Here are some notes from what he shared:

·      We are in desperate need of leaders with character, leaders that we can trust.
·      If you search for position, authority only lasts as long as your position lasts.  But if you serve with humility, your authority & impact will go past how long your position lasts.
·      Be the people who cheer for the people who chose to sit in the seat of humility.
·      Realign Jesus as the leader of your live.  Begin there and let your life, the way you live, fall into line with that choice.

That is only a few quotes from each of the churches we visited.  Each message was awesome and hit home with me.  I challenge you to lean in and listen to the people who share life with you.  Find time with God and allow Him to work in your life each day!

Then you will find powerful, life-changing truth along your journey.

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