Friday, December 6, 2013

help kids this Christmas

It is time to celebrate Jesus, and Christmas is about Jesus.  At The Community Fellowship we are celebrating with several special things.  It is gonna be awesome.  Wait!!!!  It is already awesome, and you ought to be part of it. 

Our current series is called THE VERY BEST and is taking at look at various aspects of the Advent season.  Last week was HOPE, and this coming Sunday is about PEACE.  Join us Sunday at 10:10am and bring some one with you.

In partnership with our local Social Service we are adopting kids in foster care as well a few other families in need.  We are asking Community friends to buy gifts for these kids.  Some of the gifts are small and some are large.  If you would like to help, send an email to Pastor Michael at  We will send you info about what to buy this weekend.  Gifts are due no later than early next week, and your help would be awesome.

Join us Sunday, December 15th at 5pm for Christmas dinner.  The church will provide some of the meal, and you will be asked to bring some of your Christmas favorite foods.  This is a time to celebrate and to enjoy our family friends.  Pass the word!

Each Saturday at 5pm in partnership with the Martinsville Hotel on Fayette Street in Uptown Martinsville we are able to serve a great meal to hungry friends.  Please help us to let others know about this meal.  It happens next the motel and the gym on the corner.

Saturday, December 14th is our monthly 2nd Saturday FREE MEAL & CLOTHES CLOSET.  Help is needed this next week to get our clothes closet ready.  The event is next Saturday from 9am until noon.  Volunteers are needed too.  Will you help?

This Sunday our youth will be going to Greensboro to a church for a Christmas program.  Listen for details Sunday morning or contact Jennifer Terry at  This is a great opportunity to experience music, lights and celebration around the truth that Jesus is the reason for Christmas!

We are in the middle of taking our annual mission offering.  1/3rd goes to our vision fund for preparing our new campus and future ministry.  1/3rd goes to local benevolent needs.  1/3rd goes to world causes where Jesus is being shared.  Please give your very best gift.  HINT: our new online giving will be up soon.  Watch for details.

We are called to demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond.  It is easy to be kind to others.  Serve others.  Do something to prove to yourself and to others that God really is good.

See you Sunday as we celebrate Jesus.  There is big stuff ahead!

*** for more info about The Community Fellowship or Dream Center call 276-647-8231 or email ***

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