Sunday, January 5, 2014

homelessness & winter weather

Hello friends of the homeless in Martinsville and Henry County. 

As we continue to plan for an emergency homeless shelter there is a present need with the winter weather headed our way. There is a group of people meeting to plan an emergency homeless shelter that will be at the Salvation Army.  The plans are still being made.  I wish this was already done and open. 
The need is now. Some of the people in our church and some in our community desire to help those who are homeless and cold. If you know of people in need now, those we can help now, contact me or do something to help. 
Email me to share. Talk to your friends and family. Do something with what you have and what you have influence over. 
The low temperature will be worse on Monday and Tuesday with lows in the single digits. The need is real. You and I have the ability to serve others.  
Our community needs a homeless shelter year round. But it is times like this that we have to have a place to keep people safe and warm as well to feed them. 
You understand my heart. If you want to help and get involved, let me know. 

Pastor Michael Harrison
The Community Fellowship and Dream Center
PO Box 388
Collinsville, VA 24078

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