Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in awe of God

Margaret Feinberg ... author, speaker, friend

Several years ago Julie and I met Margaret Feinberg and her husband Leif.  Through the last almost eight years, her writing, speaking and friendship has been an inspiring place for me to go to hear from and to fall more in love with God.  Further their friendship has meant much to me.

I ask you to join me in praying for Margaret’s health as she has battled breast cancer.  Last reports are very good, and she continues to write and speak at events across the nations.  I recently picked up one of her books that I read a couple years ago and was blessed again by the fresh encounter with our loving and living God.

Our family continues the tradition of family devotions each night (thanks to Dave and Jean Ohlerking of www.childrenscup.org that kick started this tradition).  Last night’s question or observation or thought was about the people who help us find our happy place.  This is the people who when we are around them we are more at ease and peaceful.  Several different people came to mind, but the one who stood out was Margaret.

So, in this devotion I want to give you a few quotes from some of her incredible books:

“I call them sacred echoes because I noticed that throughout my relationships, daily life, and study, the same scripturally sound idea or phrase or word will keep reappearing until I can no longer avoid its presence." - The Sacred Echo

“God is constantly on the move.  I cannot stay where I am and follow God at the same time; responding requires movement." - Hungry for God

“And God did not just ask for the perfect sheep; He also wanted its wool.  Deuteronomy 18:4 instructs shepherds to give the first shearing of the sheep as on offering to God. Above the crackling warmth radiating from the stove, I read the verse aloud to Lynne.  "Is a first shearing a once-in-a-lifetime offering?"  I asked.  "Yes, everybody wants the first shearing, especially if it's from one of your best lambs.  The first shearing is the finest fleece that's used to the best clothes...to ask for that is a real sacrifice."  ... For the first time in a long while, maybe ever, I had felt with my own hands what God desired from sacrifice.  It was nothing like what I expected...In asking for the first fleece, God isn't asking for the biggest.  He wants to smallest and the softest.  He doesn't want more-He wants the best." - Scouting the Divine

“Wide awake to the presence of God, I realized I had been so focused on asking why a good God allowed bad things to happen that I was missing out on the nearness of God all along.  In becoming preoccupied with the why, I was missing the who.” - Wonderstruck

“Scripture breathes wisdom like we breathe oxygen.  It can't not.  Through Scripture, God reveals himself.  This wisdom cannot be captured, let alone contained, on a neon bumper sticker or rubber bracelet.  Wisdom itself invites us to go deeper- right into a relationship with God himself.
     Through wisdom, we learn to love God and love what he loves.  We find rich counsel on the life we were meant for- in our families, communities, and world.  We discover our personal responsibilities to others.  And we unearth how to put love into action." - Organic God

Click on any of the links after the quotes to find more info about Margaret Feinberg’s books or even to order them, but what I really pray for from today’s post is that you and I will grow more and more in our desire to get alone with God who desires to spend time with us and loves us more than we will ever know.

Psalm 42:1  NLT
As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.

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