Friday, September 26, 2014

RUSS & MICHELLE KASEY -- help us honor some of our family this Sunday

Recently we learned that some of our family, Russell and Michelle Kasey, will be moving to Wilmington, North Carolina.  And any time one of your family moves away it is not easy, and we lose a sweet and important piece of who we are.

But God has a plan.  He has a plan for our church, The Community Fellowship, and for our family members, Russ and Michelle.  This is a time to say “thank you” and to celebrate what God has done for us.

Please bring a thank you card for Russ and Michelle this Sunday, September 28th, to our worship time as we together and very loud say THANK YOU to the them.

Pastor Michael moved to Virginia in the summer of 2001 and met Russell and Michelle when they all attended Orchard Drive Baptist Church in Bassett.  In 2006 a group of people from The Orchard left to start a new church that we now know as The Community.  Russ and Michelle have been part of The Community from day one, and they have served their Savior and us very well.

Michelle has many, many skills, and she employed them in several ways at church.  She has been part of the counting and financial teams who prepare the offering for deposit many Sundays.  For over a year Michelle was employed by our Dream Center as our bookkeeper and administrative assistant.  Michelle gave much of her time, energy and resources to help many of the people we served find what they need to succeed.  Lives have been changed by her time with the Dream Center.  One of the roles she will be remembered for the most was as the leader of our back2school outreach where she helped us prepare for and serve thousands of students.

Russell began to lead worship at The Community when we started meeting in our present building which was in November of 2006.  Since that time Russ along with several people has led us to worship the Lord with joy and excitement.  Russ is a gifted vocalist, guitar player and musician.  His heart to lead worship allowed us to gain depth and to learn more about worshipping as a church family.  Russ will be greatly missed by our worship band and our church family.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the ways Russ and Michelle Kasey have and all that God has done through their lives to impact the lives of others.  We hope to see you Sunday at 10:10am!  God is good…all the time…

*** for more information about The Community Fellowship or Dream Center call 276.647.8231 or  to give online go to this link and thank you for helping us demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond.  join us this Sunday for Community worship at 10:10am or at one of our outreach opportunities ***

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