Friday, October 10, 2014

will you serve?

Hello Community family and friends!!!

I trust you are all doing well and continuing to see the blessings of our great and awesome God in your life, your family and all around you.  God is at work, and there is much to be accomplished and many people that we can influence for Him.

October is a busy month for us and provides ample opportunity for us to serve.  So I ask, will you serve?  Take some time to get involved, give and tithe, serve as often as you can.  Here are some ways

FREE Community Meal & Clothes Closet

Tomorrow is our monthly 2nd Saturday outreach where we provide a hot meal and open our clothes closet.  Volunteers are needed to serve.  Please arrive at 8:30 in the morning at our location in Collinsville.  Also pass the word to those in need so they will come get and get some clothes.  This is a great way to demonstrate the love of God to our community.  Volunteers are needed in every area.  Join in!

Raceway Ministries and NASCAR

The racing world returns to Martinsville and Martinsville Speedway the end of this month.  October 24 thru 26 we are able to work with our local Raceway Ministries groups who provide guest services, provide ADA golf cart service, refreshments, worship services, pass out tracts and so much more at our speedway.  If you would like to serve, see Lee Hobbs, Shannon Hatcher or Pastor Michael soon.  There is a place for you to help.  Plus it is fun!

REACH Ministry (each Saturday night)

We provide a meal each Saturday at the Martinsville Hotel at 5pm.  We meet many people who are in need and are able to help in several ways as well as give a hot meal.  Want to help in this ministry?  See Wayne or Cathy Martin to get involved!

Family Fun Night (on Halloween)

We are partnering again with BTW21 and have added Vision Assembly church as we will serve our community on Friday night, October 31st from 6 to 9am.  First of all, we need candy.  Please donate as much as you can.  One way to help is go to the Family Dollar near the church and buy candy.  It helps the store and they donate candy to us.  Second, we need folks who will help us prepare and serve 3,000 hot dogs, lots of pop cord and serve drinks too.  Last, we need folks who will use their car and dress up for "trunk or treat".  This event is a great way to interact with people and to share God's love right in our parking lot.  See Matthew Perdue to get involved.

Appreciate your church staff

October is known as "Pastor appreciation month", and I am so honored by all of you who show your appreciation and kindness to me, Julie and our family.  But I want to challenge you to go a little further.  Each week Cathy Martin, Terri Hensley and Matthew Perdue also serve and share with those we get to work with.  Without their faithful service and their hearts, what gets done would not be as big and as good as it is.  Please write a card to each of them or show your gratitude in some form.  They make my job as pastor so much better and stronger.

Will you serve?  I pray you will find some places to plug in and to be the hands and feet of Jesus!  I love each of you and hope to see you this coming Sunday as we continue our EVERY 1 MATTERS series.  Bring someone with you as we worship and hear from our savior who loves us so much.  Also, "stop and pray" for those who are on your heart.  There are so many needs in our family and beyond.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.  With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
-- James 1:5

*** for more information about The Community Fellowship or Dream Center call 276-647-8231 or email  To give online click on this link  ***

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