Wednesday, December 3, 2014

volunteer of the week TERRI HENSLEY

The volunteer of the week at The Community Fellowship is Terri Hensley!!!


Terri Hensley has been a part of The Community Fellowship Family for 3 years.


Through the week Terri is works as our Receptionist and is the first point of contact between us and the people that come to the church for assistance.  She regularly helps those in need by giving food boxes to those hungry as well as being a natural encourager to the many people that she encounters.  She often unloads donations of food, clothing and household items that are given to the church as well as sorts and displays the clothing, arranges the food, witnesses about our Lord and Savior, Jesus and leads others to Salvation by their accepting Christ.


Terri was a volunteer in the Clothes Closet for over a year and is now the Director of our Clothes Closet ministry overseeing the volunteers that assist in that ministry.  During the B2S (back2school) Ministry Terri leads of the Clothing Area making sure that the children shopping were able to find clothes that they wanted and were excited to be getting. 


Over the summer, Terri led an outreach ministry with Woodmen of the World in Fieldale where all donations were given to our Vision Fund for building materials at our new campus.


Recently during the Fall Festival Terri was on hand making and giving out popcorn, and she was a big help in the cleanup that took place after that event.


In her spare time Terri enjoys spending time with her parents, gardening, camping, fishing (whether she catches anything or not), and she especially cherishes Monday dinners with her daughters Ashley and Audrey. 


Each day Terri looks forward to getting home to the only male in her life that loves her unconditionally, her dog Otis, who is a rescue dog.  She says she thanks God for him every day and loves the evenings when he shows how much he loves her by jumping on her till she sits down and then pounces on her “licking her to death” and nibbling on her nose and lips.


Terri believes that balanced Christians are realistic, tolerant people, patient with those who disagree.  They uphold dignity of others, refusing to put them down.  She strives to live by Scripture, Philippians 2:3 “Consider others better than yourselves.”  Another favorite Scripture of Terri’s is Mark 9:23 “All things are possible if you Believe!”


We are greatly honored and excited to recognize Terri Hensley as our Community Fellowship Volunteer of the Week!  Thank you, Terri, for going the extra miles to show the love of God to our community! 



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