Thursday, January 15, 2015

have faith in God

Faith is not always something that is easy to understand, easy to share or easy to live, yet God said that coming to faith is one of the simplest things to obtain.  We have to believe like a child would that Jesus would save us, and He will.

I often battle, in my mind and in other conversations, what authentic faith looks like.  Some say that you have to move mountains with actions.  Others say faith is seen in deep, deep knowledge and study.  While other people say that faith only comes with some magic happening that few people can get.  I say that faith is based on our gracious and generous God who loves people and offers real life to anyone who will call upon Him.

My desire is to lead people to faith.  My passion is to serve people and allow them to see faith in as many people as possible.  What I understand is that God has chosen to use people, like you and me, to share Himself with others.  Faith in action, serving, love and sharing with others is when Jesus is seen.

Are we living by faith?  Take a few minutes to think about and read about authentic faith:

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Faith is … did you catch that?  It is what we cannot see, hold, feel or even explain, but faith gives us confidence from our God.

1 John 5:4  NLT
For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.

Faith allows us to have victory over tough situations, over sin and through stuff out of our control all the while letting God live through us.

The Lord protects those of childlike faith; I was facing death, and he saved me.

Faith simply believes God.  He can.  He will.  He is.  That’s not easy.  Or is it?

Look at the proud! They trust in themselves, and their lives are crooked. But the righteous will live by their faithfulness to God.

Faith keeps us close to God.  We must rely on Him no matter what.

Mark 11:22  NLT
Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God.

Luke 7:50  NLT
And Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

We can have faith in all kinds of things.  Like, we can faith in a belt that it will hold our pants us.  We can have faith in people who will often let us down.  But faith is meant to be placed in and even come from someone much stronger, better and sweeter than us.  Faith comes from God as we place our faith in Him.

Did you catch that?

We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.

May our faith grow stronger each day as we place it in God and allow God to grow our faith!

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