Friday, January 23, 2015

point of personal privilege

By my power I will make my people strong, and by my authority they will go wherever they wish. I, the Lord, have spoken!”

You have encountered them as I have.  Maybe it was at church or some event that you came face to face with one of their kind.  They are strong and confident, kind and compassionate, hopeful and patient.  I am talking about some who have chosen to serve God through serving others.

I am calling this post a “point of personal privilege” because there are some people I want to draw attention to, but before I get to the point I want to remind you that I am human.  Some people make me mad, tick me off and even get my mind so wrapped up that I have to back off and ask God for help.  You have met some of those people too.

This week God has sent me several reminders, but in the midst of being reminded I have run in to and spent time with some of the most negative and difficult people in the world.  They really seem to be pointing me and others in any direction other than God.  They are somewhat of the “cold water committee” trying to stop what God has done.  I’ve got to look past them to the others.

The Community Fellowship has some of the greatest people in the world.  I am talking about people who are willing to serve.  I love our church, and it thrills me to watch these people and to serve with them too.  This week I got a letter from one of them who seemed to fall off the deep end, and I am so glad that God has begun a good work in this one again.

Then my attention is turned to the Winter / Warming Shelter that we have helped to start in our community.  Over the last few weeks many new volunteers, more than 25, have stepped up to serve those who are homeless and/or cold in our community.  A few of the people on this volunteer team are from The Community, but the majority of these awesome people are from many other churches and organizations in our community.

That fact has restored some of my faith in our town and rekindled my desire to make a difference right here like an old saying goes, “bloom where you are planted”.  I believe God isn’t done with Martinsville and Henry County.  He is raising up people who are touched by Him and who have compassion for people who are hurting.

What God has reminded me of is that we Christians are to be catalyst to help others step up to serve.  As Tommy Barnett has said for years “find a need and fill it” or “find a hurt and heal it” as you serve the people you come in contract with.  Mother Teresa said, “if you cannot feed 100 people, feed 1”. 

I’ve met some great people through this process.  In conversations and in their serving I have been blessed big time.  God is at work.  God is raising up great servants.  God is changing lives as His people allow His compassion to flow through their veins and on to their hands and in their voices.

We “get-to-serve”.  That is a fact that Matthew Barnett’s new book “Misfits Welcome” shares very well.  It is easy to get tired and we “have-to-serve”, but it is awesome when God opens our eyes and our hearts because we realize that God has blessed us so much that we “get-to-serve” hurting people around us.

Their children will be successful everywhere; an entire generation of godly people will be blessed.

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