Monday, April 20, 2015

rite-of-passage ... #prom2015

Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.  How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!  He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.

As the picture above shows our daughters went to the prom this weekend.  I would say this is what we would call a “rite of passage”.  But for this dad it is one of those days that comes once in a lifetime and isn’t the easiest of days.

Yes, both our daughters attended the same prom on the same night.  Our girls Rebecca and Ruth are 16 months apart in age and have since birth been on a similar path, yet they are very different.  I could not be more proud of them. 

They are great students.  They have made good choices.  They are kind and gentle, but they are different in several aspects of life.  They are beautiful young ladies that have so blessed my life, my wife’s life and our family.  One is a junior in high school, and the other is a senior.  They have goals for life and are reaching for them.

We’ve been preparing for this night for sometime.  Well, maybe I have been dreading this day, but it turned out very well.   They had a great time through the prom and the after-prom, and their dates seemed to have a great time as well.  They were gentlemen to say the least.

As a dad I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I did expect that we would have to spend some money, a lot of it actually, but my girls made careful choices that saved us money and still had beautiful dresses and were prepared for their special day.  When they were asked to adjust to make things better, they were gracious and kind.

I could not be more proud of my daughters, and I love both of them very more.  This dad could not be more proud as I look back on the prom of 2015 at Bassett (VA) High School.

Yes, this post is personal, but it is from my heart.  The days ahead are slated to be exciting with graduation and college.  I am looking forward to those things as well but still a bit timid.  Let’s not talk about the “m” word though (marriage) because I am afraid it might hit a never in my heart after going through all the activities of prom weekend.

What a great blessing it is to be a follower of Jesus and to help our children follow Him as well.  There really is more to come!

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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