Thursday, June 18, 2015

great lines from the past

--- Worry is a sign of a lack of faith, not trusting God and not growing in Jesus. Plain and simple. It is the truth, and very often the truth reveals stuff in our lives that we don't like.

--- We need each other. Through the years I have learned that partners make a big difference. We have to find ourselves in need of like minded friends. These people touch my life, keep me going and kick me in the pants when I need it. That's a good thing.

--- How we deal with the stress and struggles of life may not get us in trouble with the law or take us into combat, but it will give us strength for every day and purpose to live. Purpose has got to come from God and no where else.

--- God wants us to see in every way possible, yet I find people who don't want to see. Maybe its not seeing what God is up to or they just want what is selfish. I am told that when you loose one sense, like smell or sight, that all other senses become much better.

--- It is so easy to dwell on the "what ifs" of life. But to do that, we miss what God has done, is doing and wants to do in and through our lives. Think about it.

--- Far too many churches and Christians see the differences in other churches and mock them.  It is time to take a second look and celebrate the differences.  We are here to work together for the same goal.  Listen up.  We are going to be different.  That means we are going to be creative.  And yes, a tailgate party for your anniversary may sound crazy and different, but it worked big time.  We have touched lives we would never have touched.  God did.  He did good!

It is incredible to look back, read some and be challenged bby some of the things you said.  These things were just that.

Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.

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