Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#back2school is almost here

Mark 10:13  CEB

People were bringing children to Jesus so that he would bless them…


This is one of the greatest weeks of the year as we celebrate the children of our community through our #back2school outreach.  This will be our 8th year, and there are 1,450 students registered to be blessed at the 4 churches serving this year (Fairway Baptist, Mercy Crossing, Mt. Calvary PH, and The Community Fellowship).


These children will hear the Gospel of how Jesus will change their lives and will be reminded that they have great potential.  What an incredible thing it is to bless children!  Just like the verse above, Jesus lived out the blessings.  We can do the same.


Pray for the students we will serve that God will change many lives and many families.  Some do not go to church.  Some do go to church.  But each and every child is important to God.


At 1:30 on Saturday afternoon at The Community Fellowship we will serve students who are not registered as long as supplies last.  Please help us pass this information and invite to those who need it.


Thank you to all who have given, served and worked hard to make back2school incredible.  Please spend some time each day praying for all the aspects of this awesome event.  I cannot wait to share the stories that will come our of this event.



NOTE:  Thank you for praying for our back2school event that is this coming weekend, and ask God to provide what is needed, including all the shoes.


HELP #back2school in these ways

1.  volunteer at one of the churches including the clothes closet at The Community Fellowship.

2.  be part of packing backpacks tonight, Tuesday, beginning at 6pm at our new campus.

3.  give to support the events 

4.  purchase shoes for the children

5.  be part of the big event on Friday or Saturday

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