Monday, August 3, 2015

reflecting on back2school

Mark 10:13  CEB
People were bringing children to Jesus so that he would bless them…

As I reflect on the #back2school outreach event I am left grateful and excited.  We had the honor to serve 1,500 students with 500 volunteers in 4 locations and lots and lots of blessings.  It was a blessed and great time.

There several things that made this a great event, and I would like to share a few my thoughts with you.

I am grateful that it is all about Jesus.  Yes, we had a great time giving our backpacks, supplies, clothes and shoes.  But the nest piece is that we got to share Jesus with many of these students.  There were 8 people at The Community that accepted Jesus.

It’s not about the shoes.  Everyone loves to get a new pair of shoes.  As each volunteer washed the children’s feet, there were numerous smiles and lots of job.  But it really is about preparing the kids for greater day.  God has a plan.

I hope to share more with you throughout this coming week.  Pray for each child

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