Monday, September 14, 2015

add value to the lives of others

The glory of the young is their strength; the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old.

One hundred (100) years is a long.  Last week was grandfather’s birthday.  If he was still living, that is how old he would have been.  I have lots of memories that include my g-pa and g-ma.  They were precious people.

My favorite picture and one of my favorite memories is of me sitting on my grandfather’s lap in a lounge chair in their yard on Fannin Loop in Temple, Texas.  I remember talking about faith, spending time with them at their home near Denver, Colorado and enjoying life with these precious people.

Life is meant to be treasured.  Don’t waste the time you have been given.  Tell people how you love them and that they are important you.  I want remember and live out daily the fact that the way we interact with people either adds value or removes value from their lives.  I want to add value to everyone I come in contact with.

Who are the people that I will give value to today?  What is it or what relationship have I been neglecting recently?  Answer those questions and make some changes.

I have a big prayer thing I am striving for and praying for recently.  It is my desire to be right with God and honest in all I do.  I desire to stop worrying about what people think AND to sure I am not just seeking to protect what people think of me.  It is more important to please God.  You get my point.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

Several years ago I met an incredible man by the name of Brad Winters.  Brad is a historian of basketball, specifically in Indiana, plus he loves Jesus writing stories about sports and faith.  I get to serve with Brad on the national Raceway Ministry board.  Last night he shared a story that caught my attention:

Ten years ago I was checking into a hotel in Buffalo, NY and received a call from a family friend that something had just happened at our house. A few minutes later I received a call that told me my son, Dustin, had been accidentally shot and had passed away. Thirty minutes later my wife called me and said that Dustin was still alive. A heart doctor was preparing for a surgery at the hospital that night and he and his team came running to the emergency room and took over. Meanwhile, around 100 members of our church came to the hospital to sit with my wife and children during Dustin's surgery and we were told that if he lived through the surgery he would most likely have permanent injuries. Yesterday, a perfectly healthy Dustin, married the love of his life and as we sit outside of the city where I prayed alone and on the phone with friends and family that night that God would allow us the watch Dustin grow up, be able to see him get married and raise a family. I am humbled by his grace. We have an amazing God!!!

That story made me smile and to thank God.  How awesome is that?  Make today count and give value to those you come in contact with!

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