Thursday, October 15, 2015

pray & serve (from Pastor Michael, again)

It is just after 8am in Oklahoma as I write this note.  I have just finished re-reading the email and post I sent last night to our community family and friends.  By the way, I don't proof things very well.  My mom would have told you that; many of you will tell me that.  Oh well...

Don't FORGET TO BRING CANDY for our family event on Halloween.  Please start NOW bringing bags of individually wrapped candy.  We will need lots and lots as we tend to serve more than 2,000 kids and have run out of candy almost every year.  Bring it by church during the week, Monday thru Thursday from 9 until 3, or bring the candy to church on Sunday!

Here are several things you can pray for over the next few days:

  • pray for my family as they travel to and from Oklahoma
  • pray for my mom's funeral or celebration service that will be tomorrow, Friday, at 2pm central time
  • pray for The Community's REACH ministry feeding this Saturday evening and the group from New Day Church that helps with it on the 3rd Saturday of each month
  • pray for Pastor Mike Price from TRASH Ministry as he preaches at The Community this Sunday and for the worship service
  • pray for me as I preach at Tulsa's Skelly Drive Baptist Church this Sunday morning
  • pray for my Uncle Frank Harrison as he battles shingles
  • pray for friends in the area of Bastrop, Texas who are dealing with wild fires
  • pray for our friend Brian Waddel who had a heart attack last night and is in Moses Cone Hospital (Charlie from Collinsville Tire's son in law and runs a muffler shop near the old museum in Martinsville)
  • pray for infant Jaxon who is having surgery today (Tiffany Carson used to attend The Community and is his mother) at a Roanoke hospital
  • another friend asks for prayer as they go through a divorce and custody of children
  • pray for the work and needed resources (money, building materials and workers) for The Community's new campus
I know there are many more things to pray for, but let's stop there for now.  This morning I had a great conversation with my wife Julie as they will fly to Oklahoma today.  She was telling me how our church family has blessed her, shown concern, given gifts, called, texted, hugged and so much more.  Please know that all of that reminds me of why I am part of The Community Fellowship family, and once I get back home next week, I look forward to spending time with many of you and sharing from my family.

Honetly, I would not take a million dollars for the time I have had with my mom, my dad and my brothers the weeks I have been here in August, September and now in October.  My mom's death has been difficult, and I (we) miss her greatly.  From my heart, I AM BLESSED.  We have so much to praise God for from mom waking up two times after being unconscious for several days and having great conversations, to her making her health decisions with our support rather than us having to make them without her, to my ability to be away from our home and work in Virginia to spend time in Oklahoma, to know my mom prepared spiritually and emotionally for this, to see how my dad's wisdom has prepared him and all of us for this both spiritually and financially, the closeness of my brothers, and so much more.  I will share much of that with you.

Thank you!  Thank you all for your love and kindness, for being my family a long, long way from Oklahoma.  I love you all, and I am so glad ... we .... are ... family.  See you next week.

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael
-- James 1:5

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