Monday, November 9, 2015

another mind dump

Today’s post is another mind dump like I shared early last week.  Not sure what you will get out of this, but this helps me to think through some of things going on and how life seems to come together by the hand and grace of God.  Whether we admit it or not, God is in total control!

Psalm 16:7  NLT
I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me.

<  This weekend has been full for our baby Ruth (our middle child and youngest daughter).  She marched in the band at her last football game and last competition of high school.  Julie and I are so proud of this precious, beautiful child of ours.

^  I was honored to officiate at the first wedding to take place at our new campus and on the stage of our future auditorium.  Larry volunteers each week to help the new campus become a reality, and Debbie is often serving by his side.  Pray for Larry and Debbie as they begin married life!

>  My friends Anita and Lee celebrated 18 years of marriage, and as I looked at them during yesterday’s worship I was reminded of all the great people God has brought in and through our lives.  I love our church family and our friends.

<  Did you realize the more you trust God the easier it is to be thankful, and the more thankful we are the more we end up trusting God?

^  I miss my mom big time, but what an honor it was to share her memory video with The Community Sunday morning.

>  It is such a blessing to pray with my wife and kids, and sometimes I take this for granted.

<  There is a picture and quote I really like on facebook.  It says “I used to be able to pull ‘all nighters’ and now I can’t hardly do ‘all dayers’”.  I’m tried.

^  I am excited about some people in our church who are stepping up to serve more.  The smile on their faces is priceless.

>  Leading is tough.  Some people I’d really like to “read the riot act” to or shake them.  But what I am doing is praying.  I need wisdom.

<  Still I am in awe when I want something real bad but stay quiet about it only to see God make it happen.  By the way, this is about our children (so blessed).

^  During the sermon this morning a passage from Mark Batterson’s book “Circle Maker” came to mind.  This is good.  We are to bless people and pray over them invoking God’s blessing on their lives.  How awesome to have those thoughts running through my mind, speak them out loud, pray like this over a special couple and then have someone pray like this for Julie and me.  Thank you, Bruce.

>  The leaves are falling this fall, and the colors we have seen, even this weekend, are amazing.  Our God is creator, artist, lover, giver, whisperer and reminderer of so many things.  In quiet this weekend He’s shown and done those things.  So, so good.

<  I miss spending time with my dad.  I pray for him and reach out to him everyday because he, Richard Seth Harrison, is an incredible man.

^  Today is a day of sharing.  I get to share what God is doing through The Community Fellowship.  I get to brag on the awesome people of our church.  I get to share about the work we are doing in our community.  Even more I am excited to share about the partnerships God has given us.  This is really good.  I am sharing at a breakout session at a conference.

>  I am grateful for the military veterans who have serving our country and secured or continued to secure our freedom.  Praying this week for many of these veterans who struggle each day.

<  Faith is to be talked about and shared with the people we see all the time and with those we see only once, but the most important thing about faith is that it is to be lived out.  Live it before you speak it.

^  I continue to pray for the resources to finish our new campus.  Please pray for the money and materials to put a roof on the office building.  Pray for the completion of the plumbing.  Pray for skilled workers and willing givers!

>  Last, people are more important than everything else.  When my priorities are out of order, depression is worse.  Love God and share His love with people, and remember that you are loved and nothing changes that fact.

God is good, and God’s blessings are real.  I cannot wait to see what else He is going to do in the coming days, hours and even minutes.  Thank you for letting me share with you.

Psalm 28:7  NASB
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

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