Monday, December 14, 2015

another Monday mind dump

Romans 5:1  NLT
Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

This is another Monday mind dump after a very busy week in the middle of the Christmas season.  I love this time of the year and all that goes with it, but there are some things, thoughts and situations that seems a bit overwhelming.

It helps me a lot to organize my thoughts and plan the steps ahead.  A mind dump is a compiled list of totally random thoughts.  Some of these are big and have a load of consequences while others are tiny and carry almost no weight at all.

My prayer is that you will be encouraged to think more and seek God daily.  There are many choices ahead, and there are many blessings God wants to give us right ahead.  So, here is my Monday mind dump.  Remember.  These are so very random.

a.  our oldest child, Rebecca, just finished her first semester of college, and we are so proud of her and the lady she is growing in to.

1.  it was awesome to have almost 60 people from the 2 Spanish churches that meet in our building at our Christmas worship and lunch yesterday.  I love these people, and it is an honor to serve beside them.

q.  Christmas is an awesome time of the year.  This weekend I was able to attend a couple other churches and be part of their celebration of Jesus.  Incredible.

6.  the people of the Christmas story intrigue me.  Their responses to God had to be based on faith, and their responses led to countless others through all the generations being blessing because of their obedience to God.  That is awesome.  Makes me think of how our choices influence others.

b.  Job’s story is one that is hard to understand.  I am learning a lot through my reading of this Bible book.  He chose to trust God even when that didn’t make sense.  He was blessed because of it, and his faith made him a great leader.

o.  Nehemiah overcame the obstacles of attackers, deceivers, mockers, lack of resources, complaining and so much more to do something that only God could accomplish.  That is what a real leader looks like.

3.  this past week has been full of moments where I really missed my mom.  Friday marked 2 months since she died.  I have sat with a friend whose wife recently lost his wife, dealt with another man whose mom passed away suddenly last week, and heard about several share how tough the holidays are without that special person.  This is tough.

m.  momentum for our Winter Warming Shelter continues to gain.  We still need volunteers and donations.  I cannot wait until we have a full time, 365 days a year, shelter for men and families in our community.

2.  cannot tell you how proud I am of our kids.  They are gifts from God.

9.  I hate when my wife is sick.

p.  for Christmas we received a new washer and dryer from my dad.  Our old ones have served us well for over 20 years.  That is far from the norm.  Just another blessing.  By the way, the first ones were from Sears and were Kenmore brand.  So are the new ones.

61.  I enjoy spending time with family, and I miss my dad.

h.  2016 is just around the corner, like 3 weeks away, and I am excited about the opportunities ahead.

2.1.section b.  the thoughts that God gives you when you seek peace and pray for understanding are awesome and eye opening.  I cannot wait to see how God fills our dreams in the days to come.

III.  I love sharing our church’s vision with others.  In last week we had some out of town visitors that got to see our future campus for the first time.  I love seeing through new people’s eyes.  God has some great things ahead for us.

Again, those are just thoughts for a Monday mind dump.  The numbers / letters are random and have not meaning, but the thoughts have big loads of meaning for me.  May we keep on dreaming and letting God fill our dreams as we obey Him.

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