Monday, December 28, 2015

post-Christmas & pre-New year's mind dump

Romans 10:10  NASB
for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

That is one of the most incredible verses I have put my mind and heart in to in the last few days.  It came up as I prepare for the last sermon I would preach in 2015.  That verse connects our hearts and heads, our belief with our words.  It is in those places, inside of us that understand our salvation and the unlimited grace of God.

As Christmas is over and the New Year is about to begin I am giving you a little more of the Monday mind dump.  These are random thoughts, actions and outcomes from daily life.  Let me say right off that I see my life as one who is big time blessed.

So, let’s step forward with the proverbial dumping:

* I like surprises, like gifts.  Recently I got a message from a ministry person asking that I meet a few people from their church.  I showed up a few minutes late only to be surprised my a kind Christmas gift that was unexpected.

* Our van broke down after church Sunday morning, and the one thing that came to my mind as well as to my wife and our girls was how glad we were that it broke down after we returned home from our Christmas trip to Georgia.  It could have happened a long way from home.  Thank you, Jesus, for your protection and kindness.

* It never gets old to see one of our kids from church exit our kids area to come see me at the end of church to share that they asked Jesus in to their heart.  Yesterday is was Lindsey.  I couldn’t be more proud of her and grateful for salvation.

* My heart goes out to those people who are away from home during the holiday season.  I am talking about people who are in jail, in the hospital, in the military or any of a number of places some distances from their families.  No I am not talking about my mom and others who have died.  They had a pretty awesome Christmas in heaven even if we did and do miss them a lot.

* Have I told you we are dog people?  We have 2 dachshunds: Bella and Brodie.  I love my dogs.

* I have read several articles about Christians arming themselves by legally carrying a gun.  Let me just say that I agree with this and appreciate the people who protect my family, those in public service and private citizens.

* Some favorites lately (just a little FYI in to my likes): Adele’s song “Hello”, TV show “Madame Secretary”, my Nissan Frontier truck, snowman sugar cookies, great stories of what God does…

* During the sermon yesterday morning I asked people to share how they had seen God display the fact that He is limitless.  It was a huge blessing to listen to people talk about the goodness of God in their lives.  I could listen for a very long time.

* I really, really missed spending time with my dad and brothers at Christmas, but our time with Julie’s family in Georgia was so, so good.  We just didn’t get to spend a long enough time with them.

* On of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a sermon series on DVD by Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Texas.  It was from my mother and father in law, and our family is watching them together.  Awesome!  The series is simply titled “Amazing Grace”.

* I am excited about our theme at The Community Fellowship for 2016 of RETURN.  It is my pray that our church and believers all over take seriously our responsibility to invite others to experience God’s grace.

* Soon our church leaders and I will be asking people who love the church to join us in a special challenge to make our new campus a reality in the coming months.

* I like my pillow and my bed.  Both were missed a great deal while we were away.

That is enough for now.  Have a great week, and may your 2016 be off the chain, totally amazing and big time blessed.  I am ready.  Hope you are.

Philippians 3:10  NLT
I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.  I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death

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