Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday mind dump

For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

1 Thessalonians 5:5  NASB
for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness;

Both verses are from the message I shared with our church yesterday, and they remind me of the things God says are true about me.  I have been made alive through Jesus.  I am a child of God and of light.

That is not easy to apply because as a human we aren’t always able to understand spiritual concepts and truth.  God says we are forgiven and changed by the grace of God through the death of Jesus.  My mind tells me that I am unworthy.  God says otherwise.  It is not natural to think the way God thinks, but that is where the grace of God comes in to place.

Often I am overwhelmed by God’s grace.  That begins with how He treats me and how He loves me.  I am overwhelmed by the way that God’s grace has brought people far from God back to Him.  Several people come to mind, some in our church and some outside.

That’s where I am going to start this Monday mind dump, with God’s grace.

> On New Year’s eve Julie and I spent some time on the Blue Ridge parkway.  The creation declares God’s glory.  The valleys and the mountains scream the goodness of our God.  I enjoy that.

> Looking back on 2015 there are many things that stand out to me as God’s grace.  It is often the unexpected blessings that remind me of how much God loves us.  Before I knew my need, God knew my need and began to meet that need.  That is God’s grace.

> As I was preaching yesterday a message about letting go of lies that keep us from believing God, I noticed a person at church that has an incredible story.  This person made some horrible choices over the last couple years and lost most of their possessions and relationships.  The awesome thing is that person was sitting next to their spouse as their marriage was restored as was their faith.  That’s grace.

> Over the last few weeks I’ve asked my kids to step up in a few areas, and I watched as they did more than I asked.  I am proud of my kids.

> My dad called one day last week.  I love to talk to him and to hear that he’s doing good.  Sure do miss my mom, and I am grateful that dad seems to be doing well.  Pray for him as I am.

> There was a situation last week I had to be part of that was very hard.  One of the things that helps me be strong are the people around me that encourage me to do more and to do what is right.

> For the last 10 weeks I have been meeting with a group of men.  In our time together last week I listened to these men talk about their desires for the New Year and becoming better men, fathers, husbands and Christ followers.  These guys make me better.  That is God’s grace too.

> We began a challenge at church yesterday at church to raise $25,000 over the next two months to help us move in to our new campus.  One of our leaders shared with me some of the money that has already been given.  We’re off to a great start.  More news on that later.

> Scripture is another place where I can be embraced by the grace of God.  From the Old Testament and on to the New Testament the past week has been amazing through the verses I’ve read.  Grace was almost jumping off the page.  You really can experience the peace of God.

The year ahead has days, weeks and much opportunity ready for you and for me.  The opportunity for spreading God’s grace is abundant.  Share your stories of how you meet God and how He shows you His grace.

There’s much more ahead.  Have a great week!

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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