Wednesday, January 20, 2016

prayer needs

Community Family and Friends

What an honor it is to lift up friends who are going through very difficult times.  Please pray for the following requests and do all you can to demonstrate the love of God to our community and to these in particular.

Pray for the family of Linda Jamieson as she passed away last night.  Linda is Toni Jamieson's sister and has been part of our church since the House of Prayer joined us.  Funeral details will be shared later today.

Pray for Wendy Gilbert and her family as her step dad, Chuck Lawson, remains in critical condition at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  Pray especially for Wendy's mom, Judy.  Chuck had an accident 18 days ago and has been unresponsive since.  Ask God to have give this family peace.

Pray for Jennifer Hall as she continues her battle with cancer.  You may remember her grandson Brenton who battled leukemia.  Jennifer is taking treatments to control pain.  Jennifer has been Cindy DeOms best friend for many years.   Pray for her and Mike.

There are many others who are in need of prayer, but these are heavy on my heart this morning.  Please pray for the Winter Warming Shelters in our area as the snow and cold weather this week makes them very needed.  Ask God to provide all that is needed and to protect those in Martinsville and Henry County who will be greatly impacted by this weather.  If you have questions or would like to help, contact Sharon at 276-734-5882.

I am grateful for everyone who has committed and given to our current challenge of "250 people giving $100" toward our goal of $25,000 to put a roof on the office building at our new campus.  It is exciting to know that we are currently at $10,000.  Keep praying for this and sharing the need!

Remember that it is our policy at The Community Fellowship to NOT CANCEL Sunday worship service, but we want to encourage you to not attempt to get out if it is dangerous.

May God bless you and use each of us to bless others in.  Thank you for choosing to be part of The Community family.  I hope to see you soon and am grateful for your prayers.

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
— James 1:5

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