Tuesday, January 26, 2016


But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.

For more than a year each Sunday at The Community Fellowship we have been encouraged to stop and pray for people and situations that we come across.  It is a shame that Christians often promise to pray for someone and forget to do so.  This promise might come from a sincere desire to pray for it may be just a simple word like saying hello and not wanting a response.

Years ago I learned the power of stopping at the moment you feel the need or push to pray and praying.  When I was a very young pastor, I remember a Sunday morning where a lady told me about a need in her family.  I knelt and prayed with that lady right there.  It was a powerful moment for that lady and for me.

That days rings in my memory, and that memory has caused me to encourage others to literally stop and pray for and with the people that come in and out of our lives.  It also means of seeing a need, such as a car wreck, and as you drive by pray.  It is a lifestyle.  Prayer is a lifestyle.

pray without ceasing;

There is the lifestyle, a way of living each breath or every day.  By praying we bring heaven to earth and us to heaven.  In fact I believe praying for others often opens doors for others to see and to meet God.

I have recently used Mondays to share “mind dumps”, and I missed doing this yesterday.  So not only do I want to give you a reason to stop and pray, but I want to give you just some random things that have been running through my head and heart:

... I love snow.  It was beautiful to watch, and it gave our family some extra time together.
... I hate what the snow leaves.  Lots of icy and mud is coming as it melts.
... Preaching to about 15% of our normal crowd Sunday was good.  I was able to think through and share some thoughts I may have left out of a normal sermon.  Looking forward to sharing even more of those in our series called LIES.
... Some conversations are tough, but when we choose to have tough conversations, the outcome is often better that I could imagine.
... Prayer is the door that leads to places we cannot go without God.  Prayer sharpens our thinking.  Prayer changes our expectations.
... Choosing to serve others and not thinking of ourselves is often the place where we find the most meaning and strength.  Serving is an awesome way to live.

May our lives and our character become laced with seizing opportunities to pray for people and situations that come up in our lives.  Take this day to begin something new or to continue something that will change you and others.  #STOPandPRAY for what comes your way today.

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